woensdag 12 maart 2014

Should I do a webcomic?

On March 1st some of the members of the Big Bug Collection (including me) made another attempt at a 24 hour challenge. Once again I made it far to ambitious. I created about 8,5 pages worth of comic in 13 hours. Non of was really ready for the challenge to for the full 24 hours, but each of us individually did improve on their skills.

Once I have finished my other 24-hour comic, I will try to finish this story. And after that? Who knows. I am very much interested to try my hand at creating an actual webcomic. Unfortunately it won't be anytime soon as I still have some graduating to do and some prick stole my cintiq tablet last night.
This does leave me with the time to think about a good story for a comic. I'm not a writer, so any input it welcome! What would you like to see me do?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. YES you should do a webcomic. Regarding the story, I could give you the story I conjured for a mini adventure I had in mind. It is not really suitable for play but would do well as a short story I think.

    1. Sounds cool. Hook me up! It might be suitable. It looks like I'll be doing short stories for a while.